5 Grain Banana Bread

My mothers Banana Bread for me is that recipe that makes me think of home. I remember the smell of it as she baked it growing up. I would come running from my room yelling “MOOOMMMM BANANA BREAD” (think the scene from Wedding Crashers when Will Ferrels character, Chaz yells to his mom to get him and his friends, Owen Wilson and Vince Vaughn some meatloaf, this banana bread was my meatloaf.)

I may  be a wee bit biased, but there is nothing like my mothers banana bread. It is very easy to make, the hardest part is buying the bananas and waiting for them to ripen enough to start baking. The secret ingredient (sorry mom) is five grain cereal from Bobs Red Mill  which can be found at any big box supermarket.

The recipe makes two basic size loafs. I eat one while it’s fresh and then freeze the second so that at a later time when I’m craving that homey feel, I can heat a slices in toaster oven and have it like my mom and grandma did, with some english afternoon tea and a little milk and honey. Another great way to make this is in a muffin tin, super easy to eat fresh or heat up out of the fridge/freezer at a later date.

The linens in this post were purchased at William Sonoma and the pottery was purchased at The Wok Shop in San Francisco.


1 Cup  Brown sugar

1 Cup  Unsalted butter

4  Eggs

6  Very ripe bananas

1 Tbs  Molasses

1/2 Cup  Wheat bran OR oat bran

1 Cup  Wheat flower OR white whole wheat flower

1 Cup  Five grain cereal from Bobs Red Mill

1 Tsp  Salt

2 Tsp  Baking Soda

Mix together the butter and the brown sugar. In a separate bowel,  mix together the wheat bran, wheat flower, five grain cereal, salt and baking soda. Slowly mix the butter and egg mixture into the dry ingredients. 

Chop the ripe bananas into quarter inch slices. Add 3 bananas into the mixture. Once they are all mixed together, add half the mixture into a standard size bread pan. I like to use the butter wrappers to grease the pan before I add the mixture. With the second half of the mixture, pour into another bread pan or muffin tin.

Using a fork, press the remaining banana into the mixture (3 bananas per bread pan). NOTE: this is what the recipe calls for. If you do not want chunks of banana in the bread, chop the bananas into smaller pieces and add them into the mixing bowl before you pour it into the bread pans.

Top the mixture with whole or chunks of walnuts. This is a personal preference, if you do not want walnuts at all, omit them. If you prefer them in the bread, add them to the mixture before you pour it into the pans. 

Bake the bread at 350 degrees

Small muffin tins – bake for 20 minutes

Large muffin tins – bake for 30-35 minutes

4 small bread pans – bake for 40 minutes

2 large bread pans  – bake for 50 minutes




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