Perfect Chocolate Chip Cookies

William loves chocolate chip cookies. Well, he loves the pre-made take-and-bake cookies that you buy at supermarkets, tear apart throw on a cookie sheet, and boom you have “homemade” cookies.  After deciding to start this blog I made a list of recipes that I have always wanted to make, and chocolate chip cookies were on the top of that list.

Rarely do we have that great chocolate chip cookie. I have to admit, the take-and-bake cookies have got it down to a science: They are wildly addicting and so easy to make. When making cookies from scratch for myself, I always went to the source: the Tall-House-chocolate-chip-back-of-the-bag recipe. Growing up this was like the Bible of chocolate chip cookies–the end all be all of cookie recipes. They had it perfected, or at least I thought they had.

To break my childhood habits of not-so-great cookies and to prove to my cookie-loving boyfriend that I could beat his scientifically created supermarket cookies, I went in search of a recipe that perfected the infamous chocolate chip cookie. The verdict? Alton Brown.

These chocolate chip cookies are boyfriend tested and approved. I told him to be brutally honest with me. He loved them (and trust me, this boy has eaten his fair share of cookies). The secret? Melted butter, tons of brown sugar and, most importantly, bread flower. Check out Alton Brown’s recipe for yourself and let me know what you think. Are these the best chocolate chip cookies?

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